Oregon Brewers Festival & some pretty flowers

This past Friday evening I went to the Oregon Brewers Festival with Luke and Abby. The Brewers Festival (aka Brewfest) is the absolute best festival I’ve ever been to. Located on the scenic downtown Portland waterfront, on a hot sunny afternoon, it’s the perfect place to run into all of your old co-workers, friends you grew up with and friends from years past (Portland it a pretty small town, ya know)! It’s something that we look forward to every year!

Luke and Kathleen, our old co-worker
Luke and myself – I promise I’m not naked, it’s a strapless dress.
Luke, Amy and me
Amy, Abby (my darling cousin) and me
—– —– —–   —– —– —–   —– —– —– 
On Saturday morning I took the train up to my parents house (south of Seattle) to pick up my car that had been sitting there for two weeks (long travel story coming back from Miami) and snapped some quick photos of the flowers at my parents house. I can only hope someday that  my thumb will be at least half as green as my mom’s. She does wonders with flowers and always has the most beautiful blooms all around the house.
Happy Tuesday, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Oregon Brewers Festival & some pretty flowers

  1. Cute! I need to post a couple picks I took from the weekend and I'll link back to you! It was so nice to catch up for a few hours with you guys. Let's do something again soon!


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