some weekend snapshots

I hope you all had a great weekend! We spent the weekent not moving in to our new house. To make a long story short, someone at the bank decided to sit on our documents at the last minute because they were leaving the company (insert no sense of urgency here) so we have no idea when we’re going to move in now and no one is updating us. It could be worse, but it’s still not fun. Anyways, we made the most of our weekend & went down to Corvallis with our friends to tailgate at the Beaver game.

My Beaver outfit.
 Our good friend Craig stopped by!
 Our favorite girls, Kara & Katie!
Mid-day dance parties
ice-cold cheap beers
We didn’t actually make it into the game, oops!
But I did walk around and take a lot of pictures
Corvallis always has the most beautiful trees this season,
they were all shades of yellow, orange and red.
You know it’s a good time when you’re dancing on top of the car.

Lovejoy Bakers

A couple of weeks ago Luke and I had a lunch date at Lovejoy BakersThis place quickly became a favorite spot to grab a (delicious) sandwich when I started working in the pearl district almost 4 months ago. I find myself coming back here often for lunch, it’s that good. If you’re in Portland and want a good sandwich, come here.

I had the mascarpone and fig jam
and Luke had the cubano