A trip to Indianapolis, IN

Back in March we spent a few days in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our good friends Pat and Andi live there and they’ve been out to Portland to visit us multiple times, so we were overdue for a trip to see them. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t have high expectations for this city. Don’t get me wrong, I was beyond excited to visit our friends, see their new house and spend time catching up with them, I really just had minimal knowledge about Indy. After spending a few days there, I have to say it kind of blew me away. It exceeded my expectations. We ate at amazing places, had good beers, took awesome walks and saw a lot of beautiful murals and street art. I seriously loved our time there and would love to go back soon.
How adorable is Pat and Andi’s house? Their neighborhood was so beautiful and reminded of some of the neighborhoods in NE Portland. The houses were unique and there were so many trees!
They know we like a good brunch, so they took us to Milktooh.
It was delicious! We all shared a few bites of each others meals and it was all so good.
We visited our friend Andrew at Mashcraft, a local brewery that he started a few years back. Its been so successful that they just recently opened up a 2nd location, so we met his wife Brittany there later in the afternoon. They visited us in Portland a few years back before they opened Mashcraft and I remember them showing us the logo when it was just a work in progress, so it’s amazing to see all their hard work come to life. Plus, the beers are amazing!
After an afternoon of beers Andrew treated us all to dinner at Rook.
We seriously have the coolest and nicest friends!
We ended the evening at a tiki bar and it just happened to be our 4-year wedding anniversary that day, so Andi took a romantic picture of us. 🙂
– Photos © Holly Copeland –

A trip to Bloomington, IN

For as long as I’ve known Luke (and it’s been a while…) he’s always told me how special Bloomington is. Bloomington is home to IU, where Luke went to college. For years I’ve heard all about this place; the bars, the sports, the campus and the college stories. Oh the college stories. This past June we finally planned a trip back to the Midwest to visit this magical place. After a few days in Chicago and visiting Luke’s parents in Valparaiso, we drove down to meet up with our friends in Indianapolis for a few days – and take a day trip to B-Town.
We started off our Bloomington day with a visit to Oliver Winery on our way south, because why wouldn’t you stop at a winery?! My only regret is that we were flying with carry-on luggage and not checking our bags, because there were so many wines I wanted to take home with me. Another time. Once we arrived in Bloomington we went strait for campus! Luke, Pat and Andi kept me entertained with all of their college stories. Seriously, around every block someone in the group said “Oh I had a lot of classes in that building”, “We went to this bar every single weekend”, “I walked along this path to class every day”… The memories came flooding back for this group. It was the highlight of the trip, to be able to see Luke’s alma mater, especially with Pat and Andi.
After a lot of walking around campus we had to stop for food and drinks. We ate at Big Woods and it was just what we needed. Quality food and delicious local beers. It’s like they knew we were coming!
How adorable is the gazebo below? Rumor has it if you kiss under the gazebo you’re granted good luck. Scroll down for the cutest thing ever (it’s the last photo)!
Not pictured: We met up with more of Luke’s college friends, Shawn and Lynn, for drinks at Kilroy’s, Nick’s and Function Brewing and then dinner at My Thai Cafe. You guys, it’s like we were all back in college or something, haha!
– Photos © Holly Copeland –