Arizona, I love you!

Luke and I traveled to Arizona this past [long] weekend. We found cheap tickets [on Southwest, under $200], so we decided it was time for another mini-vacation. Plus I’ve been wanting to introduce Luke to Erin and Cheyenne for the longest time. Arizona has always held a special place in my heart and probably always will. I always look forward to my trips here; usually once a year… Here’s what we were up to in Arizona this time.
  • Hiked Camelback Mountain. Okay, this is kind of a lie… We hiked the “easy” trail because we are both so out of shape.
  • Went to Pei Wei, or Asian Bliss, as Luke now calls it.
  • Drove around Tempe, showed Luke ASU and Mill Ave.
  • Dinner at Cooperstown with Cheyenne and Chris
  • We went to the Suns vs. Blazers game. This was kinda tricky for me. In my previous employment I’ve been employed by both of these teams… I did grow up a Blazer fan, so there rests my loyalty, but I was with my favorite ladies that still work for the Suns, so I felt a little torn. It was a good game and I was just thankful to be there with Luke and my girls.
  • Walked around Tempe Marketplace and we accidentally stumbled across a Justin Beiber singing contest.
  • Late lunch @ Pei Wei, round 2
  • Got pedis with Cheyenne. It’s kind of a tradition now.
  • Dinner @ Delux [with Adam’s preferred card!]
  • Chatting at Bungalow in Old Town Scottsdale with some great friends
  • Watched the Bears game in Mesa with Luke’s friends from high school and watched the Bears beat the Seahawks.
  • Drove around Tempe trying to find my grandmas old house, the old house that I grew up visiting.
  • Hung out with Chris, Cheyenne and Mateo [a.k.a. coolest “almost” 2-year old ever!]
  • Had dinner at the Yard House with Jordan and Brenna up at Desert Ridge in Paradise Valley.

  • Luke and I went to Sedona for the day and took A LOT of pictures. The weather was so gorgeous at about 70 degrees. Up towards Slide Rock State Park it got a little cooler in the 60’s and there was snow everywhere! I made a hand-held snowman, just for fun.
  • We had dinner and margaritas back in Phoenix with Erin and Cheyenne; my two most favorite ladies in the world.
  • Erin gave me the cutest charm ever! [see right]. It’s a little suitcase with a tiny postcard hidden inside. Since I like to travel and I do so quite a bit, she thought it would be perfect for me.

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