DIY painted wall calendar

When I came across this project a while ago, I immediately bookmarked it for future reference. One day when I’m all grown up and have a house all my own, I’m going to re-create this painted chalkboard wall calendar. I have a few ideas tucked away to please my aesthetics (maybe more decorative edges, maybe piece a decorative frame around the calendar, come up with a more creative way to label the days, etc…). I look forward to making this project my own someday. Let’s all cross our fingers that it happens sooner than later.
Tools and Materials
Black chalkboard paint
White chalkboard paint
Measuring Tape
Painters’ Tape
Make Custom Color Chalkboard Paint.Here’s how mine could turn out! I created this one super fast in photoshop. I think it would be fun to add some wall decal borders from this website or this one, or some other decorative touches to give it a more personalized look.

What do you think? 
Would you ever try this project in your home?

Gasworks Park

This past Saturday I had a “me day”. It was the first day in a long time that I had absolutely no plans or anything that I needed to do. So, I took myself to the park and took a ton of photos. In Seattle we have a park with the most amazing views of the city. It’s so much fun to come here in the summer and relax with a picnic lunch and a good book in the sun. Although my visit on Saturday was a bit chilly to do that, it was beautiful none the less.