Gasworks Park

This past Saturday I had a “me day”. It was the first day in a long time that I had absolutely no plans or anything that I needed to do. So, I took myself to the park and took a ton of photos. In Seattle we have a park with the most amazing views of the city. It’s so much fun to come here in the summer and relax with a picnic lunch and a good book in the sun. Although my visit on Saturday was a bit chilly to do that, it was beautiful none the less.

13 thoughts on “Gasworks Park

  1. holly, i LOVE your me day! you should have joined us for the photo swap this week – it goes hand in hand with your saturday. love the photos!


  2. What a beautiful park. When I visit Seattle I'll make sure to put this place on my list. I'm jealous of the weather you're having..we're having 100 + degrees here in San Antonio. Have a great week :)xxx


  3. Seattle seems like a really cool city, I'd love to visit one of these days. Thanks for the insider's peek. Also, thanks for your sweet comment about my kitchen over at Helena's… I am now following you. xo


  4. So every single day my husband mentions moving to Seattle. This park would be a reason I consider it. I saw it when I was there in August and everyone looked so happy! I love the kites. Great me day 🙂


  5. @ Jeny – August is the BEST month to visit (also June and July)! Any other month I would not recommend visiting here. Cold, rainy and gloomy :-/


  6. LOVE this park! We had our pictures done there last summer and they turned out amazing. It's a fab {but crowded!} place to watch 4th of July fireworks too!


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