Aaron & Nikki: a beautiful country wedding

This past weekend, Luke, my sister and I went to a wedding in Central Oregon. I used to live in Central Oregon with my family, so we got to see a lot of old friends and people that we consider our extended family. This wedding was by far the best wedding that I’ve ever been to. It definitely helps when you grew up with the groom and are super close with his family, too.

The wedding was located away from our old little Oregon town and out a gravel road, turned into dirt road, turned into an amazing grassy landscape with 360 degree views of farmlands and canyons. And in true central Oregon summertime fashion, there were wildfires all over the area, so the sky contained lingering smoke all night (which actually gave a beautiful hazy glow and luckily made for an amazing sunset, see last pic…).

Their wedding was filled with thoughtful details, handmade rustic structures and so many personal touches that fit Aaron and Nikki’s style and personalities. And the food. The food was to die for and the best wedding food we’ve ever had. But enough from me, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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