Seaside * Cannon Beach * Astoria

I spent this past Monday and Tuesday on the Oregon Coast with my family. My dad was at a conference in Seaside with his fellow firefighter friends, attending arson investigation workshops and seminars. Sounds super fun, right?! So my mom, sister and I took advantage of his free  hotel accommodations and us girls spent a few days at the beach, too. Since Seaside is right in-between Astoria and Cannon Beach, we decided to spend some time in each beach town. We walked on the beach, ate at Mo’s, walked around all the cute shops, had yummy brunch and took in all the sights of the ocean. It was a perfect few days just for us girls.

{Seaside, OR}

{Cannon Beach, OR}

{Astoria, OR}


5 thoughts on “Seaside * Cannon Beach * Astoria

  1. Such great photos! Don't you just love spending time walking around little towns?! I love it! It seems to be a girl thing though, because I can never get my bf to go with me. He has to have a purpose when going somewhere; can't just meander around and look at stuff. I guess that's what girlfriends are for right?! 🙂


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