My Holiday Wishlist (part two)

Because one list just wasn’t enough… I’m back for round two. Here was part one, in case you missed it.
1. Flip Cam. I know, I can shoot pretty good video on my camera, but I just love the idea of a pocket-sized video device.
2. Voluspa candle in Goji Berry. This candle reminds me of an Anthropologie that Luke and I visited in Boulder, CO. The entire stored smelled like this candle – it reminds both of us of one amazing trip that we took together. It would be nice to have some of these candles in our new house now.
3. Waffle Maker. Can you believe that we don’t own one of these already!? Seeing as Luke and I are huge breakfast fans, we need to add this to our life soon.
4. Wine Tower. Being the wine lover that I am, it’s safe to say that this will get some good use in our house.
5. Curtains, hanging ceiling lamps & paint. We need to spruce up our dining room and I think this will do the trick.
6. A Norfolk Terrier. This is the dog that we’ve both been wanting. We’re hoping for a Christmas Puppy.

6 thoughts on “My Holiday Wishlist (part two)

  1. I love voluspa candles…I always give them as gifts! And a Christmas puppy??? now THAT is an amazing gift 🙂 p.s. stop by my blog for a giveaway!!


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