Good Friends

This past weekend one of my best friends and her boyfriend came from Phoenix to visit Luke and I for a very long (and very fun) weekend. They’d never been to the Northwest, I’m sure all that they knew about Portland was from Portlandia, and that everyone says it rains here all.the.time. Lucky for them the weather cooperated and it was sunny & in the 60’s all weekend. At some point on Sunday we were all feeling pretty warm and toasty in the sun at the Portland Saturday Market – that can only mean that summer is on its way, right?

We spent the weekend showing our friends around town, eating VooDoo Doughnuts, browsing through books at Powell’s, strolling down some cute shops on Mississippi, catching a few happy hours (at Portland City Grill and Oba) breakfasting at Stepping Stone, dining on a delicious dinner at Russell Street BBQ a d some bar crawling in the Pearl District (Deschutes, Henry’s and Blitz). It was such a fantastic weekend, I didn’t want it to end.

I only get to see Erin about once a year, but every time we just pick up where we left, like no time has passed. I know we’ll be friends forever because of that. (The only thing that was missing was Cheyenne). She was definitely there in spirit though.

More Portland photos coming soon 🙂

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