2012, what a year!

2013 will be here tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. This new year is going to bring some exciting things into my life. We’re going to San Francisco in January, New Orleans in February and Mexico in June. We’ve got some awesome house projects in the works… think new backyard, new deck, new countertops in the kitchen. Plus, half-way through the year Luke and I will become husband and wife – which is hands down going to be the best part of this new year. Before we enter the new year, I wanted to share what happened in 2012 because it ended up being a great year.

January: I lost my job and temporarily settled into a stay-at-home-puppy-mom role. I spent many hours working on house projects and applying for a lot of new jobs.

February: We got out of the house and went to Nostrana for a date night. I vented about my frustrations with being unemployed. I didn’t know it at the time, but a few days later things were about to change for me.

March: After many applications, a very painful rejection and a handful of interviews, I landed a good job with an amazing company. I’m no longer unemployed. We also travelled to Vegas with some friends to celebrate Luke’s 30th birthday.

April: My friends came to visit from Phoenix and we had a super fun backyard birthday BBQ followed by a scavenger hunt bar crawl.

May: We went to the Oregon Coast with a group of friends where we enjoyed waking up to the sound of the ocean and having bonfires on the beach at night. We took Gracie on the “Doggie Dash” and she loved it.

June: I created a Summer Bucket List, we hosted a few backyard BBQ’s and I planted a few peony bushes.

July: Hands down, this was the best month of the year. I travelled to Chicago for work and then Luke met up with me and proposed in the city! We decided on a date and a location: June 15, 2013 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

August: My mom and sister threw us an Engagement Party. I was blown away with all the work they did in the planning. We had so many friends that showed up – it was the best to celebrate with everyone! I shared our wedding invitations and I found THE dress. That was quick.

September: We took Gracie on her first camping trip. I also created a Fall Bucket List.

October: We participated in the Color Run and had the best time. We also travelled to Vancouver BC with a few of our friends for a long weekend and to watch the Timbers v. Whitecaps match. I can’t forgot to mention that we went to the Trail Blazers’ Opening Night and watched them beat the Lakers – it was a good way to start off the season.

November: Big month in our house with the Election. I also shared a sneak peak of our engagement photos – which we’re absolutely in love with.

December: We got a small Christmas tree and celebrated the holidays with my parents and then Luke’s aunt and uncle. We counted our blessings and realized how thankful we are to have the family, friends & freedoms that we do.

8 thoughts on “2012, what a year!

  1. Congratulations on getting engaged, you must be loving the wedding planning. I'm also on the to-be-wed list for this year.Sorry to hear about the job loss, but at least it took you on another {better?} road!


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