City by the Bay

We’re headed to San Francisco on Saturday! We’ve had this trip planned for a few months, but it just now hit me that we’re going in less than a week & we haven’t done any planning, except to find someone to watch Gracie while we’re gone (thanks, Abby!). We’re staying with Luke’s old boss & his partner in the Noe Valley/Diamond Heights area & they already have a few fun things planned for us. Then I plan on spending the remainder of our time wandering around the Mission looking for yummy food. (Any recs? Send my way!)

My computer wouldn’t let me upload pics from our last trip to the city, so here are a few snaps from 2006 when my cousin & I took a spontaneous road trip down to SF & stayed for a week. We were both bored & unemployed so we decided to drive down to San Francisco, just for kicks. I didn’t have much money & was afraid to look at my bank account when we got there – when I finally did & realized that I had more money than I thought – we stayed a few extra days in the city. Oh to be young & in your early twenties again…

– Photos © Holly Carman –

10 thoughts on “City by the Bay

  1. this is our favorite city!! we almost ended up movign here back in 2010 because we just fell in love with it during our trip, but the idea of being THAT far from family was too scary. We hope to make another trip back soon – originally we were going to go in September 2013 but now with a wedding in the works (!) we have to push it out until 2014. I would love to go to Napa for a few days. Enjoy!


  2. I'm headed to SF in February, and someone told me to find the \”Millionaire's Bacon\”. I don't know where it is, but sounds like something you could and would search out and document. Good luck, and if you do please let me know if its worth it.


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