San Francisco: Le Zinc

Well, we tried to go to Tartine Bakery but the line was wrapped around the building each time we drove by – so I quickly realized that it wasn’t meant to be on this trip. After driving over to a different district, we literally stumbled into Le Zinc. And we’re sure happy we did. We were all “ohhhing” and “ahhhing” over the French flavors. At one point Mike even said he might have just experienced the best eggs benedict that he’d ever had! That’s saying a lot for a guy that only orders eggs benedict.

FRENCH OMELET: with onion, cheese, potato, mixed greens
EGGS BENEDICT: poached eggs, Canadian bacon, English muffin, hollandaise sauce
Just a simple fruit salad
VEGETABLE ‘BRIK’: crispy Moroccan crêpe with feta, red bell pepper, niçoise olives, tomato
EGG ‘BRIK’: crispy Moroccan crêpe with ham, cheese, egg & spices
P.S. – I promise we did more than just eat on our weekend in the city. It seems that every city we visit, I have to scope out the best food places – can’t help it – I’m a foodie.
Check back on Monday for the best San Francisco shots – I’m saving the best pictures from our trip for last.

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