NOLA: What we ate

We ate good in New Orleans. Real good. So good that I’ve put myself on a detox upon returning home. I tried to always remember to take pictures of our food (which is something I normally don’t have a problem remembering) but we were on the go so much that I missed a few places. The food was so different than anything that we have back home so most of us tried to eat as many different dishes as we could; to get a real taste of what New Orleans has to offer. We definitely weren’t disappointed! I’ve included links to the places that we visited below. If you ever find yourself in New Orleans, I’ve got a few places you might want to try!
Amazing breakfast. I had the biscuits and gravy one morning and a banana pancake the next morning. Yes, we went twice. I also ordered a side of grits with each meal as well (gotta eat up what you can’t get back at home).
We had oysters here & they were fantastic (the best on our trip)! Our friends had larger meals of po’ boys, cuban sandwiches, shrimp bisque… and it all looked good. Try the frozen bourbon milk punch, it was delish!
Luke had a red beans & rice, gumbo and jambalaya trio – which was amazing.
Everything on the menu looked amazing. We had tacos (shrimp, oyster, flaked fish, jerk chicken and pulled pork bbq) with sides of poblano polenta, fried plantains and black beans with chorizo. I would definitely recommend this place (and everything on the menu, too).
We had a semi-fancy dinner here and it was delicious. Luke and I both had the shrimp and grits – it was pretty much the most amazing dinner I’ve had in quite a while. Kind of on the pricey side, but I’d still recommend it.
Luke and I didn’t actually eat here – but we were with our friends when they did. All the food they ordered looked great. Your typical New Orleans fare.
Super delicious beignets! So fresh, fluffy and covered in powdered sugar.


Po’ boys, crawfish etouffee, jambalaya, gumbo, shrimp creole, red beans a d rice – you name it, this place has everything. Almost everyone in our group got something different and we all raved how great the food was. Luke and I shared a grilled shrimp po’ boy and it was delicious.

Our last breakfast in town. Our waiters were amazing and the food was your typical greasy breakfast – but good. It was Katie and Kara’s birthday, so the waiters drew them a picture and also took our groups picture to hang on the wall. I told you the wait staff was amazing.
– Photos © Holly Carman –

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