Wedding Wednesday: Photographing a Wedding

This past Saturday we went out to celebrate our friends (Paul and Katie!) on their engagement that had just happened earlier in the day. We were leisurely enjoying drinks at the bar out on the patio and talking here and there about upcoming weddings.

Our good friend Kara (Katie’s sister) is recently engaged as well, as of about a month ago. Her and her fiance are thinking about a destination wedding next year, so we’ve been talking a lot about our planning process & I’ve been trying to give her some tips and tricks along the way. While deep in wedding conversation she asked me to be her wedding photographer!! WHAT!!!?? My first thought was, ME??!! REALLY?!?! I said YES of course and kept asking them if they were sure they wanted to pick me. I said yes a couple more times, laughed, smiled and couldn’t believe my ears that they asked ME! It means so much that they would trust me to take pictures for their special day. To say that I’m excited is a major understatement.

I’ve got a lot of practicing to do in the next year, but I’m confident that I’m gonna rock it.

I have never shot a wedding by myself before, but I’ve attended a few where I’ve taken lots and lots of photos and then later gave them to the couples. I’ve always felt that attending a wedding is an awesome opportunity to practice my photography, so I’m glad that I have a few of those under my belt.

Here are some of my favorite shots that I took at a family friends wedding a little while back. It was the best wedding we had ever attended.

8 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Photographing a Wedding

  1. How exciting! I know that feeling of \”Wait, ME?! Are you sure?!\” but trust me, once you get into it you just fly. It's crazy being the only photographer but it's SO much fun! Ahhh, congratulations! You're going to be amazing!


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