Our Cabo San Lucas trip

We stayed at the Riu Santa Fe in Cabo San Lucas. When we were doing our resort research the number one priority was that it had to be afforadble for all the guests that we wanted to bring along with us. We really got lucky with this one, too! Not only was it very affordable, but it was very nice as well.
There was a good variety of restaurants, liqour dispensers in your room on the wall, a few pools (one relaxing one & a party one) both came equiped with swim-up bars – which is where we spent a large portion of our time, and loved every minute of it. 🙂
The resort is located fairly close to downtown Cabo San Lucas. If you’re feeling adventerous you could walk along the beach into town in about 45 minutes, or you could take a group of people in a taxt for $3/person or ride the locals bus for $1/person & be in town in 5 minutes. Which we ended up doing a quite a bit!
We also had our wedding here, on the beach in front of the resort – but more on that later – when I get our wedding photos back 🙂
Anyhoo, now on to the resort photos!
Up next, the view from our room… We were upgraded to the “ocean view” room. It was a bit of a walk through winding, maze-like hallways to get there, but the view was kinda worth it.

 And now… the newlyweds, the honeymooners!!

– Photos © Holly Copeland –

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