When things don’t go as planned on your wedding day…

At the end of the day our wedding was perfect. For us. There were a handful of hiccups along the way though…

Leading up to our big day I scoured pinterest & all the wedding blogs, looking for inspiration. Happily pinning my little heart out; I found bits of pieces here & there that I wanted to incorporate into the wedding. For example, I made these cute little bunting flags that I wanted placed over the napkins at each guests place setting. But when we arrived at dinner, they were nowhere to be found. It turned out that it was too windy & they would’ve all blown away. I had a guestbook with blanks pages, my instax mini, patterned washi tape & colorful pens for everyone to take cheesy pictures, decorate a page & leave a note for us. But… our guestbook table wasn’t set up when all of our guests starting arriving. Since it wasn’t out in time (it eventually arrived late) no one knew it was there. We also had a “Bride” & “Groom” sign that I wanted placed on our chairs but I didn’t see them at our table either & later found them at the guestbook table in a box! (insert a mild panic attack right here)

All of these little details that had a place & a time just didn’t work out how I had envisioned them. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bummed out.

Luckily I had some of the most amazing bridesmaids you could ever ask for! Gina, Kaitlin, Abby & Heather picked up the bride & grooms signs & started going around to all of the guests & snapping their pictures with the instax mini! They even had everyone hold up the bride & groom signs in their photos. This was seriously one of the coolest moments of the day! These ladies were are out of this world amazing! They made sure that everything got done. They were one step ahead of everything. They seriously put me at so much ease. Just seeing Gina run around with the camera getting everyone to make a silly face & take a fun picture – wow it was awesome. Now I have the world’s best guestbook – thanks to those awesome bridesmaids of mine. (Some of the bunting flags that were supposed to go on everyons napkins ended up decorating some of the pages in the guestbook, too!)

moral of the story… if things don’t go completely how you envisioned them, it’s okay. Maybe it will turn out even better than you expected. That definitely happened in my case 🙂

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