Dinner @ Grain & Gristle

A few Saturday nights ago we tried a new-to-us restaurant. We sat on the couch for about an hour clicking through list after list of Portland restaurants and just couldn’t settle on anything. We wanted somewhere different, somewhere we’ve never been before. So we chose Grain & Gristle.
We were seated outside and we had a fantastic server. She explained the menu, gave us recommendations and always had a smile on her face. And after we finished our meals, we were very glad we chose this place – because it was plate-licking delicious. Seriously. I should also add that we had a total of four beers, two appetizers and two entrees – the total came to just barely over $50. Pretty good if you ask us!

^ Messy hair, don’t care ^

8 thoughts on “Dinner @ Grain & Gristle

  1. A) I've been dying to try this place and even though y'all had a rocky start, I'm so happy to hear it was so good! I'm so happy this city loves to eat as much as I do.B) LOVE that photo of the menu and Luke's wedding ring :)C) LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit!


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