San Diego shenanigans

Last month I went to San Diego for my dear friend Katie’s Bachelorette Party. It was the absolute most perfect location for eleven girls to get together and celebrate Katie’s final days of freedom (I joke!) before her wedding next weekend! Our San Diego weekend was packed full with a lot of laughing, lots of drinking, a crazy night out on the town, gorgeous sunsets, a roller coaster ride and one giant ice cream cone – plus a few other unmentionables. It was quite the weekend and looking through these photos make me want to hop on a plane back to blue skies and sunshine!
^ Our Mission Beach accommodations ^
^Clear skies, sun and palm trees all weekend! ^
 ^Karen, Traci, Kacie, Brandi, Megan ^
Katie (the Bachelorette!), Jenny, Audra, Abby, Kara and I
^ Had to! ^

3 thoughts on “San Diego shenanigans

  1. hi holly! beautiful blog! the pictures of the skies, seas, and that ice cream is making me swwwoooon! loving your blog, now following you! ciao!


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