A recent trip to Vancouver B.C.

Back in November we traveled up north to Vancouver BC for a long weekend after Thanksgiving. We had our first Airbnb experience, but I neglected to ever share photos from our trip #badblogger! As with every trip I take, I usually come home with approximately a million photos. This trip was no exception. Here are a few favorites from one of our most loved cities!

All bundled up because it was cold!
Coffee Crisps, if you know – you know
The Oysters @ Rodney’s Oyster House were amazing.
Beyonce was doing a show at BC place when this photo was taken.

You remind me of…

I attach scents to memories. If I’m walking around somewhere and smell a familiar scent I’m instantly transported back to a memorable time & place. I like to think of it as a small way of keeping me connected with my past. Same thing with music… if I hear a certain song I can say… “Oh that reminds me of this one time in college…” but that’s a different post for a different day! Here are a few of my favorite scents over the years and the memories that I connect with them…

Tommy Girl: Back in high school when Tommy Hilfiger was all the rage, this was the must-have perfume & you can bet that I went through a few bottles during my senior year of high school!
Ralph: I remember the magazine ads for this perfume with the sample scent glued on the page. I was instantly obsessed! The day that this perfume was available, I rushed down to Macy’s and purchased a few days before I started college.
Angel: For the longest time this has been my go-to perfume, my signature scent if you will. It started in early college and I still always make sure that I have a bottle on hand. Hand down, the one perfume that I always receive compliments on.
Viva La Juicy: I was beyond excited when Juicy Couture came out with their first perfume – the only problem was that I absolutely hated it! I waited until they released a few more & instantly fell in love with this one. It definitely brings me back to some of the most fun times I’ve ever experienced living in Seattle for a few years.
Live Colorfully: My sister gave me a sample of this & it was love at first smell! I wore it all over Mexico & spritzed this on while getting ready on my wedding day. I will always associate this scent with one of the best times of my life.
Burberry BritI’ve been wearing this scent a lot in the past few years. Luke has Burberry Brit for men & we were them together – so this perfume really just remind me of Luke now 🙂
Michael Kors: Another perfume sample that my sister gave to me (along with a handful of others). I randomly pulled it out of the bag & wore it to work one day. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it! I want to make some new memories with this one! 🙂

And just for fun… Please tell me that you remember these old perfume gems: ExclamationTribe, 90201 & Malibu Musk. Every girl that I knew was obsessed with these in grade school. Malibu Musk was mine & my sister’s personal favorite 🙂

Click here for a more in-depth answer on why we connect scents to memory.

A new year

It’s a new year and there’s something that I just really love about the feeling of a fresh new start and a blank slate. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it feels like the start of new and good things. I’ve never been one to make new years resolutions. I do, however, make a small set of goals (I actually try to do this monthly as well).

Last year was a good one. It brought me a lot of joy (my marriage, new friendships, strengthening of existing friendships, traveling) and some lessons learned (standing up for what I believe in, letting go of negativity). It was a year of tremendous growth and just overall content. It always seems that with every new year I look back and feel a little happier, a little wiser and just more at peace with everything.

This new year has some pretty big shoes to fill if it’s going to live up to last year. We have a few things up our sleeves to make this new year a good one and I can’t wait to share it all along the way.

And we started off the new year
by booking a little trip in a few months…
Hope your new year is off to a great start as well!