You remind me of…

I attach scents to memories. If I’m walking around somewhere and smell a familiar scent I’m instantly transported back to a memorable time & place. I like to think of it as a small way of keeping me connected with my past. Same thing with music… if I hear a certain song I can say… “Oh that reminds me of this one time in college…” but that’s a different post for a different day! Here are a few of my favorite scents over the years and the memories that I connect with them…

Tommy Girl: Back in high school when Tommy Hilfiger was all the rage, this was the must-have perfume & you can bet that I went through a few bottles during my senior year of high school!
Ralph: I remember the magazine ads for this perfume with the sample scent glued on the page. I was instantly obsessed! The day that this perfume was available, I rushed down to Macy’s and purchased a few days before I started college.
Angel: For the longest time this has been my go-to perfume, my signature scent if you will. It started in early college and I still always make sure that I have a bottle on hand. Hand down, the one perfume that I always receive compliments on.
Viva La Juicy: I was beyond excited when Juicy Couture came out with their first perfume – the only problem was that I absolutely hated it! I waited until they released a few more & instantly fell in love with this one. It definitely brings me back to some of the most fun times I’ve ever experienced living in Seattle for a few years.
Live Colorfully: My sister gave me a sample of this & it was love at first smell! I wore it all over Mexico & spritzed this on while getting ready on my wedding day. I will always associate this scent with one of the best times of my life.
Burberry BritI’ve been wearing this scent a lot in the past few years. Luke has Burberry Brit for men & we were them together – so this perfume really just remind me of Luke now šŸ™‚
Michael Kors: Another perfume sample that my sister gave to me (along with a handful of others). I randomly pulled it out of the bag & wore it to work one day. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it! I want to make some new memories with this one! šŸ™‚

And just for fun… Please tell me that you remember these old perfume gems: ExclamationTribe, 90201 & Malibu Musk. Every girl that I knew was obsessed with these in grade school. Malibu Musk was mine & my sister’s personal favorite šŸ™‚

Click here for a more in-depth answer on why we connect scents to memory.

9 thoughts on “You remind me of…

  1. Smells definitely bring back strong memories to me! One story I have is, I have loved the Moonlit Path scent from Bath And Body Works, ever since a friend let me borrow it when I was staying at her house. I bought it and it became one of the scents I wore regularly. It wasn't until I went to visit my aunt last year that I realized… when I was a little kid and my aunt came to visit us, she'd stay in my room, and for weeks afterward the room would smell like her. I would miss her so much so I'd try to breathe in that scent. Turns out, that scent was Moonlit Path!


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