New York, NY

We walked around NYC like it was our job. Serious. Never in my life have I walked so much. It felt good. Especially with all the bad for you good food we were eating. I like to think that all the walking we did cancelled out all the food we ate. That’s a thing, right?!
I’ve been to NYC a few times in the past, but this was Luke’s first time to the big city, so I happily re-saw everything I’d already seen 🙂 When we weren’t walking from site to site we were making friends at every bar we stopped at and restaurant we ate at. We had Mark Carman with us (my dad) and he likes to make new friends everywhere he goes, so it made for a lot of good and interesting conversations all over the city, all week long. We did our best to find the tastiest food and the best east coast beers in the city… See the end of this post for links to everywhere we ate and everywhere we visited. Like I did with my Boston post from yesterday, I also Instagramed my way around NYC with my own little hashtag #hollslovesnyc
^The view from our Airbnb loft. More on this in tomorrow’s post… ^
^Take a picture of your name so you don’t have to buy the license plate…^
^ Lemon ricotta pancakes @ Cafeteria, a little slice of heaven ^
^ $1 oysters @ The Lobster Joint, highly recommend ^
^ Happy Hour Sliders (Lobster & Crab Cake) @ The Lobster Joint ^
^The Bowery Wall Mural. I’d been dying to see this wall for months and months.
I was beyond disappointed to see it covered in graffiti ^
^ Cabs for days ^
^ A walk along The High Line. Definitely recommend doing this! ^

Bella Napoli (a delicious slice of NYC pizza)
Dunkin Donuts (DUH!)
Cafeteria (amazing brunch. we had lemon-ricotta pancakes, cheddar & tomato omelette, and eggs benedict with grit cakes, mmm)
S’Mac (way too much mac, way to much. good, but way toooo much)
Mulhollands Bar (a divey little bar that we frequented in Brooklyn. met a lot of people from Portland here.)
Lobster Joint ($1 oysters during happy hour. highly recommend stopping in here for a snack and a beer)
Luke’s Lobster (overpriced but we had to try the Maine trio, plus it’s called Luke’s Lobster!)
Shake Shack (might have eaten here twice, might think it’s better than In n Out…)
Chelsea Market (fantastic place for lunch)
Carnegie Deli (kind of got tricked into this one by Yelp. way too overpriced & touristy – we just wanted a simple deli sandwich)
The Italian Food Center (we stopped in here for a few beers & chatted with the bartender for a while… we didn’t eat here, although the food looked amazing)
Street hot dogs (bleh, but we had to)

The High Line (a highlight of the trip for me – must do this if you’re visiting the city)
Chelsea Market (fun place to wander around and grab lunch)
Central Park (a great place to take a break from the hustle of the city)
New York City Fire Museum (my dad was a firefighter for 33 years, so this was a “must see” for us)
Staten island Ferry (a FREE view of Lady Liberty)
Houston Bowery Wall (I HAD to see the Maya wall, but some jerk tagged it. It’s gone now, a new design is up – so check back for more cool art installations)

– Photos © Holly Copeland –

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