Looking back on 2014

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2014 was a great year for the Copeland’s. While nothing significant happened in our lives, our time was mostly spent settling into life and enjoying time with friends and family, which is alright by us. While we don’t have much planned for 2015… I am looking forward to maybe a trip or two (we’ve been talking about Austin, TX or Charleston, SC – we’ve also talked about taking one huge trip…), so we’ll see what happens. Either way, this new year is sure to be a great one. Here’s a look back on all the memories we made this past year in 2014.

January: We started off 2014 by booking a trip to NYC and Boston later in the year.

February: Celebrated our friends’ birthdays with a 90’s night dance party at Lola’s Room. We also bought our first new car, a 2014 Ford Escape!

March: My parents moved from Gig Harbor, WA back to Madras, OR. We took part in Portland Dining Month at the County Cat and had a delicious 3-course dinner. We participated in the Shamrock Run and I managed to run the entire race (go me!). We’re excited to participate again in 2015!

April: I started a new job with a company that I’ve wanted to work with for the longest time. It was a change that restored my happiness and put me on a more promising career path. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

May: Had a great time attending Blazer playoff games with friends. We took a trip to NYC and Boston with my dad. We had the best time walking around each city and trying out the local cuisine and craft brews. One day we walked a half-marathon It was much needed with all the good food and beer we consumed.

June: We celebrated one year of marriage in the middle of the month. We then took a trip to Playa del Carmen for Kara and Donny’s wedding. It was the first wedding that I photographed and I had a lot of fun in the process. Unfortunately I contracted bronchitis the day before we left. It ended up being a great trip despite the illness.

July: Spent the 4th of July weekend in Central Oregon with my family and friends. There was lake swimming, river floating, parade watching, grilling and beer drinking – everything you’re supposed to do on this holiday weekend.

August: We had friends visit from the Midwest and had way too much fun taking them on a brewery tour of Portland. We also spent a lot of time outside this month… this summer in Portland was exceptionally amazing, weather wise.

September: We traveled to the Oregon Coast for Labor Day weekend. I had the bright idea of camping out in our SUV in the casino parking lot… Let’s just say that between the uncomfortably cramped air mattress wedged in the back or the car, the non-stop panting dog and bright overhead lights in the parking lot. it was not a brilliant idea. We also debuted our built-in shelves project, making our living room my favorite room in the house. The project was also featured on Apartment Therapy.

October: Went to the pumpkin patch on Sauvie Island to meet up with friends, although had a miss-communication and went to the wrong spot. We traveled to Bend, OR to see the newest addition to the Schmitt family. I also had the honor of taking newborn photos for them.

November: We finished remodeling one of our bathrooms, a project that was more intensive than I had planned for. The second bathroom remodel is currently on hold, haha. Luke’s parents came to visit from Indiana for a week. We had a packed schedule full of dinners out, sight-seeing and visiting my parents in Central Oregon for Thanksgiving.

December: We traveled to Napa and Sonoma Valley for a wine tasting weekend. That weekend might be one of my favorite vacations to date. Great food, great wine and we also met up with great friends along the way. We also traveled to the Oregon Coast for Christmas, where we rented a house for a few days with my family.

Here’s to 2015!!

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