A Travel Guide to London, England

Luke and I recently checked a few items off our bucket list. We traveled to Europe over the holidays! We visited London, Paris and Amsterdam over the course of two weeks. We had saved and planned for this trip for years… and it was worth every penny spent. We’ve been back home and to our normal routines for over a month and a half now; so it’s time to share everything from our trip! Take a look at what we did in London and how we navigated the city, on our first destination.

Where we stayed: This AirBnb in Kings Cross. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this specific place. We were very disappointed with the cleanliness of the place and there was little separation between our living space and the individuals that occupy the adjacent space. We booked this space because we found London to be quite expensive and opted for more affordable accommodations and a close location to the train station. It wasn’t horrible, just bout our favorite place. 

Where we ate: Granger and Company, Dishoom (Dishoom was one of the best restaurants that we’ve experienced! It definitely now holds a spot on our “top 5” list), Golden Union, Franco Manca, Christmas Markets. We ate a a few restaurants that we didn’t love so I didn’t list them here. Honestly, we ate a lot at the Christmas Markets as we visited London over the winter holiday. 

Places we would have loved to try: Ottolenghi, Burger & Lobster, Churchill Arms, The Orangery.

How to get around: We flew into Heathrow airport and took the London Underground (locally referred to as “the Tube”) into central London. We took the Tube almost everywhere! We did some research beforehand and purchased Oyster Visitor cards in advance of our trip. The Oyster Visitor cards are pay-as-you-go and come pre-loaded with your chosen amount. If you’re unsure how much to initially load on your card I would go with a smaller amount, as you can always add more funds to your card at a train station ticket machine. We purchased online and had the cards mailed to our house before our trip.

What we loved: The Science Museum, Christmas Markets, the Tube, walking along the River Thames, hot cider, gorgeous row houses, British accents, the pubs.

Recommendations: If you’re visited from the US, be prepared to pay a little more, as the Pound to Dollar exchange rate is definitely not in our favor. 
– Photos © Holly Copeland –

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