HOME TOUR: Updated Master Bedroom  

Over this past weekend while Luke had a guys weekend in San Diego, my sister came over and we got to work on a little master bedroom makeover. I had recently purchased a new set of sheets and a duvet cover, while my sister helped me choose the curtains and some of the accents to complement the bedding.

I always try to keep our master bedroom on the simple side. I opt for minimal decor and try to keep clutter at a minimum. The only decor we have in our bedroom is a framed watercolor on my nightstand from a trip to Paris and two framed photos from our wedding. We each chose our favorite photo from our wedding and have them placed above our respective nightstands. The goal for this space has always been to create a comfortable and relaxing environment. This room after all is our one place in the house to escape for some peace and quiet. This room also gets the most natural light in our house and I wanted to keep it light and airy. I love how it all came together!

(see sources cited and linked at the end of this post)

A while ago we removed the mirror closet doors and installed a new shelving system in the closet, embracing the open closet concept. It turned out that it was a little too open for our liking, so I installed a curtain rod and placed white curtains on both sides of the closet. I love that we can now semi-embrace the open closet, or pull the curtains together to close it off from the room. It’s all about having choices my friends!

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