A Dining Room Story

As I stated in my last blog post, we’ve been in our house for six years now. Over those six years we’ve done quite a bit of painting, decorating, re-decorating, furniture arranging and furniture re-arranging. I tend to get bored with furniture arrangements after some time, so my solution is to move everything around into a new configuration, so the space feels new and fresh.

I was recently gifted an old wood dresser that belonged to my dad and before that, by grandma. I initially had thoughts of replacing my not-so-well-made IKEA dresser with this new-to-me family dresser. When Luke and I moved the dresser from the garage into the house I instantly knew it had to go in the dining room to act as secondary storage on the first floor of our house #smallhouseproblems. Storage has always been a pain point for us, so this seemed like an easy solve. Luckily the dresser fits right into the space – and bonus points that the dresser hides all our extra belongings, therefore making the overall space look more put together. Win win for the Copeland’s!

I’ve always been drawn to more eclectic looks with pieces that have meaning and history, over a newly purchased item, so it should be no surprise that I’m happy with how this space has transformed over the years. See how this room looked just a few years ago.

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