Five Year Anniversary Photos

Luke and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary this past June. We thought (okay, I thought!) it would be fun to have professional photos taken because the last time we had nice photos taken of us was for our wedding.

We used the same photographer from our wedding, which I thought was extra special. Linnea is just the sweetest person I’ve ever met and she takes all the awkwardness out of smiling in front of the camera. We seriously had so much fun taking these photos with her. The wind was blowing and it seemed like my hair flew in front of my face before every shot and we couldn’t help but laugh each time it happened.

We didn’t purchase any new outfits for our session; we both wore outfits thats we already own. We wanted it to feel like “us”. Seriously, I told Luke “wear whatever you want, wear whatever makes you feel like your best self” and I did the same.

We received the online photo gallery last night and we seriously love every single photo that Linnea sent us! I’m sharing some of our absolute favorites below. They are just so fun, colorful and so “us”. Now we just need to narrow down which photos to frame, and figure out where in the heck in our small house these will go!


We chose the location (the Taylor Street Electric Building) because of the beautiful graffiti walls. In recent travels we’ve come across many cities that are covered in graffiti and we love the grittiness it portrays. Some of our favorite travel memories are in cities with colorful wall art and graffiti (think NYC, Paris, Athens). Since traveling has been a huge part of our relationship, it just felt like the perfect location for us.

I used to drive by the Taylor Street Electric Building years ago when it was surrounded by a chain length fence, full of debris and standing water. Even then, I thought it was a cool and edgy backdrop for a photoshoot. To my surprise, I drove by the location about a month before our shoot and found the area entirely cleaned up. The inside of the building was converted into a parking lot for local businesses, but the graffiti on the walls remained intact.

All photos by Linnea 


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