Recent Reads v.4

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating | So many laughs with this one! Josh and Hazel are acquaintances from college and reconnect by chance years later. Josh is laid back and Hazel is kind of a hurricane. They spark up a fast friendship and both become determined to find the perfect match for each other. The books takes you on a series of their horribly bad and hilarious blind dates. I laughed out loud at the many situations that Josh and Hazel found themselves in.
(4.25 stars)

Becoming | No review I could write would come close to describing how amazing this book is. I have been a long-time admirer of Michelle Obama and her book simply blew me away. She details her upbringing, her education, meeting Barack and starting their family. She details their transition into political life and shares her feelings along the way. Michelle is a beautiful person and a great writer. This book left me with chills and a few tears. I cannot recommend it enough!
(5 stars, easily)

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo | This book is filled with so many unexpected moments and plot twists that you don’t see coming.  It’s wildly entertaining in ways that you’d expect and deeply sad in ways that you don’t. It was a fun read and I’d recommend to anyone that loves a good escape from reality and into the complicated life of a bombshell movie star.
(4.25 stars)

What Alice Forgot | Alice awakes on the gym floor thinking that she’s 29 years old, happily married and pregnant with her first child. What Alice doesn’t remember is that she’s actually 39 years old, has three children and is on the verge of divorce! Alice has hit her head and lost any recollection of the past decade of her life. She doesn’t recognize the person she has become. Throughout the course of the book Alice discovers bits and pieces of her past and tries to move forward despite all the changes. Maybe losing her memory is the best thing to happen to her… This book is extremely thoughtful and unique. I also hear it will be made into a major motion picture!
(4.5 stars)

After I Do | Lauren and Ryan have lost the spark in their marriage and everything falls apart. They agree to take a year off to figure out individually how to move forward. The book focuses on Lauren’s efforts to make sense of her life and what she wants. I absolutely love the author and the book is very well-written, I didn’t love this story.
(3 stars)

One Day in December | I was on the library waitlist for months before I could get my hands on this book. There was so much hype surrounding this book, I couldn’t help but get excited as well. Laurie spots a man while on the bus and has an instant attraction to him. Unfortunately she doesn’t act quick enough and the bus drives away. She spends the next year looking all over London for this mystery man. When she finally comes face to face with him a year later, its under unfortunate circumstances… he’s introduced to her as her best friends new boyfriend. The book takes you through the complicated lives of Laurie, her best friend (Sarah) and bus buy (Jack) over the next ten years. The story is quite cute and there are more surprises thrown in there then I thought there would be!
(4.5 stars)

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