Dinner @ Tasty n Daughters

A few months back Luke took me out for a fancy-date-night-birthday-dinner at Tasty n Daughters. I knew we’d love it before we even got there though, haha. The Tasty n Tasty group is well known around town for having the most delicious food (Tasty n Alder is one of my all-time favorite dinner spots in town!) so I already figured that we’d have a great experience here. We started off with happy hour next door at their R&R room before dinner and it was the cutest space to relax in with a drink and a small snack before our meal. As I expected, our meal was fantastic, see below for proof!
2017 Domaine Ogerau, L’Anjouée, Anjou, FR
pFriem, Pilsner
Marcus’ Wedge with blue cheese, bacon lardons, onion rings and sunflower seeds
Hush Puppies with jalapeño butter
didn’t see this listed on the menu posted online, but it was a delicious flatbread with buratta.
Manti – Turkish beef and lamb dumplings with garlic yogurt sauce and urfa pepper
BBQ Chicken with Alabama white sauce

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