I’m in Chicago right now and let me tell ya, it’s hot and humid. The opposite of Portland weather, but I’m loving it. I’m here for work for a few days and then vacationing with Luke and his family for the rest.
When I got to town, I checked into my hotel and then hit the streets with my camera and started snapping away. Chicago is such a beautiful city, it’s hard not to. I grabbed a quick dinner and the walked over to Millennium Park, came back to the hotel for some wine tasting in the lobby and then I headed back out to walk across some bridges and hop on a last minute sunset boat cruise of the city. Whew, that was a lot for just the first day.
I’ll be working all day today and Tuesday so I wanted to get some fun stuff in beforehand. Depending on how much time I have during the week, I might be back to blogging, or I might not. But I promise that I will get around to showing you all some Chicago pix soon.
Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Chi-Town

  1. I love Chicago! I was there in the dead of Winter so I have not seen it's beauty in the summer. I loved breakfast at Bongo Room if you have a chance!


  2. I just love Chicago!! I took similar pictures of the theatre sign and river when I was there for St. Patrick's Day (and the river was green!) SO fun.~Tiffany


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