Chicago Sunset Cruise

I was sitting in my hotel room on Sunday night at 7 o’clock trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the evening. I was talking to Luke on the phone & he said I should do a sunset boat cruise. I then remembered that I wasn’t too far from the Wendella Boat Tour dock, so I got online, looked up their schedule, bought a ticket & ran out the door to go catch the boat! I arrived all hot & sweaty (ya know, Oregon girl in humidity…) but it was so worth it because once on the boat there was a nice warm breeze & a sunset that was absolutely gorgeous. We cruised around on the water for a few hours taking in the Chicago skyline (& me snapping a million pictures). It was by far one of the best spontaneous adventures I’ve taken 🙂
– Photos © Holly Carman –

6 thoughts on “Chicago Sunset Cruise

  1. Gorgeous photos! Chicago is such a beautiful city, and you've captured it so well. I especially love the out-of-focus bokeh shot — I'm addicted to snapping those myself! 🙂


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