Canada Day 2

We woke up to the most gorgeous view of the city & then went out in search of breakfast. Unfortunately we didn’t choose a great place, but out of respect for that establishment I won’t give out their information 🙂 We spent some time just leisurely walking around and taking in a beautiful and crisp fall day.

We walked down to Sunset Beach in the West End & hopped on a little tugboat over to Granville Island. Once at Granville Island we spent a few hours walking around, taking in the sunshine & drooling over everything at the Granville Island Public Market. Seriously, it puts Pike Place Market to shame. At this point we were really regretting our Dutch breakfast because the food here looked 10 times better!

When our friends met up with us, we ventured over to the Granville Island Brewing’s tasting room & sipped on some delicious beers. It’s a bummer that they only allow each person 12.5 oz a day – we would’ve totally ordered pitchers!

Heather rolled into town & we met up with her on Robson Street for some tapas then relaxed in the hotel & ventured out for sushi at Sushi Mart later in the evening. A great sushi joint with great prices!

Canada Day 3 & 4 coming up on Monday…
– Photos © Holly Carman –

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