PSU Farmers Market

This Past Saturday we took a little trip downtown to the PSU Farmers Market. The weather was gorgeous (as it has been around here lately!) & the park blocks were full of people. We wandered in and out of each produce stand, scoping out the best veggies to buy. In the end we only walked away with some spring red onions (which we later used for this dinner recipe here) and a slice of some pretty authentic Chicago style pizza. See, not only are there tons of produce stands, there are tons of food stands as well – it would’ve been hard to pick just one – but Luke saw the deep dish pizza and was immediately sold.

& here is the pizza…. yummmmm

6 thoughts on “PSU Farmers Market

  1. I'm still kicking myself in the ass for never having gone to the PSU Farmers Market when I lived up there AND went to school there! Oh well, I guess just another excuse to head up to Portland on the weekends ;]


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