Our Wedding: The Details

The details of this day were my favorite. I loved my dress, I loved my shoes (they are Kate Spade 🙂 I loved how the bridesmaid dresses all complimented each other. The bouquets were all perfectly miss-matched just like the bridesmaid dresses. (something fun about the bouquets – my girls and I had a bouquet making party the morning of the wedding and did them all ourselves. I love how they’re all different).

I hadn’t seen how the ceremony was set up until I started walking down the aisle with my dad. When I was working with our resort wedding coordinator she sent me a picture of what the ceremony set-up was going to look like. There was an arch made up of what looked like pvc pipe with tulle wrapped around it. Let’s just say I wasn’t too thrilled about it. But after looking into other options for arches and learning that it would cost hundreds of dollars for something different, I bit the bullet and went with the free pvc pipe option. We weren’t going to be on the beach that long to justify the extra money anyways, right?
Well, when I turned the corner with my dad to walk down the aisle and I saw the ceremony set-up above. I was shocked! Completely blown away. It looked amazing! It wasn’t at all like the pictures that our wedding coordinator had been sending me. It turns out that the resort had installed this permanent structure right before we arrived at the resort. How lucky did I get!? This was probably the best surprise of the wedding. I love love love how it turned out!

Photos by Linnea Paulina Photography

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