Our Wedding: The Ceremony

Before the ceremony started, I had to walk through the pool area to get down to the beach where our ceremony was set up. Dameian (one of Luke’s groomsman) ran back to help carry my dress for me because we would be walking through the “party pool” area. It was so sweet of him. My dad and I were walking arm in arm and Dameian was following close behind, holding my dress up; what a gentleman. Minutes before the ceremony was about to start and as I was standing with my dad, watching our bridal party happily walk down the aisle, I felt a few nerves start to kick in. As soon as our song started the next 20 minutes or so turn a little fuzzy for me.
Walking in a huge wedding dress in the sand isn’t the easiest of tasks, let me tell ya! I had switched out of my wedges and into sandals because between the intense heat and the length of time I was in those shoes – it just wasn’t going to happen! Flip flops it was! But without the height of the wedges my dress was too long and I kept tripping – that’s why my dad is holding it for me above – what a guy.
Something else about the above photo. I warned my dad ahead of time and said “No Crying!” but I’m going to play the song that mom walked down the aisle to at your wedding (which was back in 1977). We didn’t tell mom though, we wanted it to be a surprise.
We had two favors that we handed out to our guests: one – grass fans to help beat the intense summer heat. These fans also came in pretty handy when we all started dancing our butts off later in the evening! two –maracas with a tag that read “shake when we kiss”. It was cute to look back and see everyone excitedly shaking their maracas… this continued into dinner as well – every time we heard maracas, there was kissing.
It might have been a little windy on the beach.
Ceremony Music
Bridal Party: “Everybody” – Ingrid Michaelson
Bride’s Entrance: “Breezin” – George Benson
Bride & Groom Exit: “When the Sun Goes Down” – Kenny Chesney

Photos by Linnea Paulina Photography

7 thoughts on “Our Wedding: The Ceremony

  1. So beautiful!! My brother and sister-in-law also got married on the beach and it was lovely(I agree with walking in the sand). Congrats on a truly beautiful wedding!


  2. Oh my goodness Holly, I just looked through all of these wedding posts and am just dying over these photos! You are stunning! I can't get over how perfect everything was – gah! Congratulations again and again to you and Luke! And we definitely need to get together soon!


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