A Travel Guide to Chiang Mai, Thailand

After a few days in Bangkok we boarded a quick 1-hour flight to the Northern Thailand town of Chiang Mai. Now this place was more our style (#betterthanbangkok)! We arrived at the tiny Chiang Mai airport and ordered a Grab to our AirBnb. Grab is similar to Lyft/Uber, although way more affordable in Thailand than back home. A Grab ride from the airport to our hotel was roughly 170 Thai Baht ($5.30 USD).

Our AirBnb was located in the “West End” area of the city known as Nimman. We could not have loved the location more! We were walking distance from amazing restaurants, coffee shops and the Old City. Speaking of the Old City… it’s a section of Chiang Mai that is square-shaped and surrounded by a moat. Yes, a moat. How cool is that?! We found Chiang Mai to be very walkable and easy to navigate. We spent a day exploring the temples in the Old City and just taking in the sights – its such an eclectic and beautiful city.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see our recommended Chiang Mai itinerary!

Breakfast at Bird’s Nest Cafe. Luke had a Thai vegetable hash and I had a banana pancake with fresh fruit. 
Here’s that moat I told you about earlier.
Must stop every now and then for the local beers. 
During our time in Chiang Mai the air quality was the worst in the world, yikes! 
Brunch at the SS1254372 Cafe was the most beautiful meal in the most beautiful space. 
Our recommended itinerary for three days in Chiang Mai.

Day 1
Breakfast at Bird’s Nest Cafe
Explore the Old City
Lunch at Khao Soi Arak
Think Park Night Market (we came across this on our first night and had SO MUCH fun here – it’s a great place to try a few different food stands, shop and hit up a bar)

Day 2
Breakfast at SS1254372 Cafe
Hike the Monk’s Trail to explore Wat Pho Lat
Explore around the Chiang Mai Riverside (Ping River)
Dinner at David’s Kitchen (we had an incredible meal here to celebrate Luke’s birthday)

Day 3
Coffee at RISTR8TO (Chiang Mai has amazing coffee everywhere – RISTR8TO blew us away!)
Explore the Nimman neighborhood
Lunch at Dash
Drinks at a rooftop bar (we visited Yayee and Rise – we tried to visit Sala Lanna but it was empty (??) and Myst Maya but we didn’t love that place at all)
Dinner and shopping at the Night Market(s)

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