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Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland | I’ve long been fascinated with Northern Ireland history and when Luke finished this book late last year, he recommended that I read it as well. It was a phenomonal read and one that will stay with me. The author spent four years doing research, interviewed over 100 individuals and made seven trips to Northern Ireland for this book. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about The Troubles through specific and real events, I cannot recommend this book enough!
(4.5 stars)

The Sun Does Shine: How I found Life and Freedom on Death Row | Anthony “Ray” Hinton was accused of crimes he didn’t commit. He spent 30 years on death row in Alabama because the racist system was stacked agains him. There was no evidence linking him to the murders he was being accused of, only a few accounts of false testimonies from people that were set to see him imprisoned. Ray spent three decades attempting appeals that ultimately failed until the Supreme Court decided to throw his case out in 2015, making Ray a free man. While Ray’s story is incredibly heartbreaking it’s also lined with hope and inspiration. He made a life for himself on death row, transforming himself and those around him.
(4.5 stars)

China Rich Girlfriend | This book is the follow-up to Crazy Rich Asians (which I read a few years ago). China Rich Girlfriend follows the same characters, only a few years later. The crazy stories and family drama intensify with each passing scandal. It was a fun escape into the extravagant lives of these ultra-rich billionaires in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
(3.25 stars)

Americanah | A story of two young adults from Nigeria that leave their country for America and London, respectively. Ifemelu learns what it’s like to be Black for the first time in the United States while Obinze navigates a life in London undocumented.
(4 stars)

White Fragility | An eye opening and important read. This books dives into why white people have such a hard time being confronted and challenged on racism and how we need to work at being anti-racist every day. This book really made me take a hard look at how I show up and what I can do to be anti-racist. 
(4.25 stars)

Know My Name | A powerful memoir by Chanel Miller, the young woman who was sexually assaulted on the Stanford campus by Brock Turner. I listened to the audiobook version narrated by Chanel and I was blown away by her bravery and eloquence. While is story is horrific, it’s also filled with hope. 
(5 stars)

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