A Great White appreciation post

Luke and I were recently down in LA for an extended weekend. Every time we find ourselves in the area we’re always on the hunt for new and fun spots to eat. On this particular trip I found (and fell in love with) Great White. They recently opened a second location on Larchmont, but we opted for their original location in Venice for a morning breakfast. Great White serves breakfast, lunch and dinner – so it’s basically an all day cafe. When I was reviewing their menu and photos of their restaurant ahead of our visit I was sensing some strong Aussie vibes. And if you know anything about an Aussie breakfast, you know it’s going to be good.

Luke ordered the Great White Breakie and a coffee and I opted for the Breakfast Burrito and a Shaken Iced Latte. The breakfast burrito was straight from my breakfast burrito dreams and I’m still trying to figure out how to re-create that shaken iced latte at home.

We sat outside on their patio because it was a nice sunny morning, but made sure to step inside to see their beautiful indoor space.

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