Hollywoodland Secret Stairs

While in LA recently we wanted to take advantage of a nice sunny morning while getting in lot of steps. We decided to go on an adventure to find the secret (or maybe not-so-secret) stairs in the Beachwood Canyon / Hollywoodland neighborhood. Some of these stairs are no joke, they lead straight up and give your glutes a killer workout. My sister and I explored this area a few years back and it quickly became one of my favorite ways to get in a good workout while taking in some fun views of the Hollywood sign.

Where to find the stairs:

To locate all the secret stairs in the Beachwood Canyon / Hollywoodland neighborhood, first you’ll need to find a place to park on Beachwood Drive, then you’ll start walking north up the street. Once you pass the Beachwood Cafe (which by the way, looked like a very cute place for breakfast) the secret staircases are located just a bit further up on your left and your right. We loved taking the stairs up into the hilly neighborhood and just wandering around and taking in the views from the street. It’s such a unique neighborhood.

Here’s a map with the stairs circled. We found that our phones didn’t have any service while walking around the hills, so it might be best to take a screenshot to have with you for reference.
Looking north on Beachwood Drive

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