Recent Reads V.10

The Midnight Library | This book was unlike anything that I’ve read before. I was actually lucky enough to find it in a Little Free Library in my neighborhood – what a score! Without giving too much away, this book explores the endless paths ones life could take and all the lessons that you learn along the way. I found it very intriguing and thought provoking.
(4.25 stars)

Such a Fun Age | I loved this book, it was such a sharp read. The story explores race, privilege, class, careers, motherhood and friendship between the two main characters, Emira and Alix as they both navigate adulthood and find their place in this world. It was hard to put this book down, it was such a captivating read.
(4 stars)

Greenlights | I listened to the audiobook version because Matthew McConaughey narrates it, which makes it one million times more enjoyable. I love Matthew as an actor and getting to know the more human side of him through his book was so fun. His personality is so animated and listening to him tell a number of stories throughout his life was at times downright hilarious and enduring.
(4 stars)

28 Summers | I haven’t read too many Elin Hilderbrand books but from what I have read I’m sensing that her niche is “cheesy romance for young women”. This book is about a man and a woman that meet up every summer for a long weekend of romance over the course of 28 summers, despite both of them in other relationships each with children of their own. The story borders between scandalous and cheesy.
(3 stars)

Malibu Rising | I love a good Taylor Jenkins Reid book. Over the years her storytelling just keeps getting better and better. Malibu Rising kept me engaged throughout the entire book. I loved the dynamic between all of the siblings and how all of their drama unfolded and then eventually collided. I also loved that this book has cameos of characters from other books of hers.
(4.25 stars)

Untamed | Talk about a life changing book. I read this one so fast, I couldn’t put it down! Glennon’s story is awe-inspiring and brutally honest. I felt such an empowerment reading this book. It gave me confidence that I didn’t know I needed.
(5 stars)

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