House Tour: My Closet/Extra Bedroom

I have long dreamed of having an extra bedroom that I can turn into my closet. Now that we have our own home, I can make this dream into a semi reality. While we don’t have a lot of extra room here, I founds some creative ways to turn our extra bedroom into my closet/dressing room (while still being our extra room for guests).
Before, the walls were a red-cayenne color. Now they are a dark grey.
Bed Frame: IKEA
Bedding: Crate & Barrel
Eiffel Tower canvas: Urban Outfitters

Picture Frames: IKEA
Artwork: My photos from NYC a few years back
I ended up getting Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million in the full size,
the scent reminds me of Miami.
An assortment of shoes and purses
Mini chandelier: Z Gallerie
My favorite corner of the room

11 thoughts on “House Tour: My Closet/Extra Bedroom

  1. The wall color is fantastic. I have the hemnes collection and I also love it (we just got adult furniture.) Question…how are you storing your shoes and purses? In the closet, dresser, etc?


  2. This looks so amazing! I love the little details. I also love that olive pillow :o) Reminds me of the Fujiokas! I'm jealous you are able to have a guest room/dressing room!


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